Why will you choose our token?

ELOC Features:

• Anticipate the PayPal of cryptocurrency (ELOF)

Send crypto to friends and family using their username/email address (as well as the wallet address itself… optional). ELOF will have a safety feature for the sender that in case the receiver hasn't claimed the funds yet, he can cancel it, and the money will be returned to his wallet. Before sending funds to a user, for example, you will be able to see the receivers user's profile photo, name/nickname, so it helps to verify that you're sending to the correct person. For security, there’ll be a KYC portal in ELOF platform to combat scams. View details of the person you’re sending your BNB, USDT, ETH, BTC,DOGE or $ELOC to.

• Game (ELOG) will be released on Android PlayStore before launch



• One Tesla giveaway quarterly to a top holder via a live raffle draw. Tesla will be paid in $ELOC via an escrow

• $100 giveaway daily to 1 person with the best SpaceX animation graphic. Reward paid to your ELOF account.